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igS                           LETTERS   FROM   THE

for his and my correspondence against the strict
orders of the embargo, which is laid for two
months upon all the posts, either to prevent
any accounts reaching England of the tenure of
the elections, or of the projected invasions.

All seems harmony and quiet in the elections,
but great and barefaced corruption in the legis-
lature. Little Caraccioli, Lucchesis' secretary, is
come here to prepare the way for Commander
Rufo, the Neapolitan envoy, who is in London
on his road hither, Caraccioli is called La Con-
science de Portalis.

You must know that my work here has given
me a vast insight into a variety of official routine
and political matters, and I begin to think I
should make a good working minister of State.
My style in French is approved of, in these days
of freedom of style, as being energetic and original.

I am rather sanguine as to a prolongation of
my political life; first, because I and my merits
are now personally known to the King! He has
a good memory, and when he takes a liking or a
good opinion, is very pertinacious. Secondly,
because my being employed as negotiator begins
to be a general idea here among all parties; and
you know how much the French of all classes are
governed by general opinion.